One day conference on "Strengthening social inclusion and integration policies for migrants in Greece"

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Within the framework of HeP’s / EPIS’ Proposal in the Program: 'Science Meets Parliaments / Science Meets Regions', of the European Commission (EC), and in particular of the General Directorate 'Joint Research Center' (DG JRC), the Hellenic Parliament will organize on Friday, March 15, 2019 at HeP’s historic Senate Hall, an informative one day conference entitled 'Strengthening Social Inclusion and Integration Policies for Migrants in Greece'. (Download Conference Agenda)

         Registration and seating / (08:15 - 09:00)


     1. President of the Hellenic Parliament Mr. Nikolaos Voutsis

     2. 3rd Deputy Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Ms. Anastasia Christodoulopoulou - Former Deputy Minister on Migration Policy

     3. Mr. Miltiadis Klapas- Secretary General of Ministry for Migration Policy (on behalf of the Minister for Migration Policy)

     4. Ms. Patrizia Busolini – European Commission – DG Joint Research Centre


     Chairperson: 3rd Deputy Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Ms. Anastasia Christodoulopoulou 

     European Parliament/ MEP/ Ms. Jean Lambert

     "Bringing refugees in from the margins: the importance of integration"

  European Commission / DG Migration and Home Affairs / Deputy Director-General for Migration: Mr. Simon Mordue 

  "Fostering integration of migrants in Greece: a challenge to be raised by the Greek authorities and society, with the support of the EU"

  Independent Authority 'The Greek Ombudsman' / Deputy Ombusman on Equality/ Ms. Kalliopi Lykovardi

  "Overcoming Barriers to Social Integration of Migrants: Challenges for Administrations and Institutions for the protection of Human Rights"




Chairperson: 4rth Deputy Speaker of the Hellenic Parliament Mr. Nikitas Kaklamanis

Representative of Parliamentary Group SYRIZA / Mr. Geogios Psychogios

        Representative of Parliamentary Group Nea Dimokratia / Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis

Representative of Parliamentary Group Democratic Coalition / Mr. Theodoros Papatheodorou

Representative of Parliamentary Group Communist Party of Greece / Ms. Diamanto Manolakou

Representative of Parliamentary Group Union of Centrists/ Mr. Ioannis Saridis

Directorate of Scientific Studies of the Hellenic Parliament / Mr. Alexandros Koutsogiannis

"Clarification of concepts and crisis management policies"




Chairperson: Ms. Ioanneta Kavvadia / 1st Vice Chairman of the Special Standing Committee on EU Affairs

         Dr. Sona Kalantaryan

         European Commission / DG Joint Research Centre / Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography

         "Migration: data, perceptions and social media"

Prof. Antonios Kontis
Professor in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Economics and Political Sciences, Department of Political Science and Public Administration

"Integration issues of migrants in Greece"

Prof. Vassilis Arapoglou
Associate Professor, University of Crete, School of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology

"The new geography of precariousness and coexistence: infrastructures for the installation of immigrants in Greek cities"

Dr. Dimitris Parsanoglou
Senior Researcher, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, School of Political Science, Department of Social Policy

"Solidarity as a tool for social inclusion? Lessons from the 'refugee crisis"

Prof. Maria Gasouka
Professor in the University of the Aegean, School of Humanities, Department of Preschool Education and Educational Design (TEEPAES). President of the Cyprus Gender Equality Observatory

"Greek Society, migration and gender"




Chairperson: Mr Antonios Syrigos / Chairman of the Standing Committee on Public Administration, Public Order and Justice

Former Minister for Migration Policy / Mr. Ioannis Mouzalas 

"Integration and economic crisis. Integration and war of civilizations. (The new racism)"

Region of Attica

Deputy Regional Governor of Athens – Regional Division of Southern Attica / Mr. Christos Kapatais (on behalf of the Regional Governor of Attica)

"Local government and policies of social inclusion and integration of migrants in Greece"

Municipality of Athens
Deputy Mayor of Migrants and Refugees / Mr. Lefteris Papagiannakis 

"The role of local authorities and the implementation of social inclusion policies"

International Organization for Migration, IOM in Greece
Special Envoy of the Director General of IOM to the Government of Greece and Advisor of the Regional Director in matters concerning the Mediterranean area / Mr. Daniel Esdras

"European Asylum and Unified Immigration Policy. Utopia or Future Reality?"

The UN Refugee Agency in Greece (UNHCR)
Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Greece / Mr. Philippe Leclerc

"From emergency to durable solutions: achievements, challenges and prospects for refugee integration in Greece"

Country Coordinator, Refugee and Migrant Response in Greece / Mr. Lucio Melandri

"From policies to action: working together in partnership to ensure protection and inclusion of children on the move"




Speakers on behalf of the Hellenic Parliament will be Members of the Parliament and executive members of the Hellenic Parliament's Scientific Service Directorate.

The aim of the conference is the strong involvement of the local academic community through the participation of professors, academics, and researchers from a large number of Academic Institutions in Greece, possessing extensive experience in the field of social sciences and immigration.

In addition, representatives of policy makers, strategic decision makers and people responsible for the implementation of actions for the social integration of immigrants will share their experiences and best practices. Indicatively, representatives of European organizations, the Ministry of Μigration Policy, Independent Authorities, Local Government and other International Organizations actively engaged in migration flows will be involved.



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